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Today, as ALANOD® GmbH & Co. KG, we see ourselves as a specialist in surface and aluminium finishing able to combine and purposefully employ a wide range of different process technologies.
ALANOD sells approx. 17,000 to/year of surface refined aluminum worldwide.

For the distinctive LED market, ALANOD offers six special reflector surfaces. The optical characteristics of these surfaces are particularly suitable for LED light sources.
MIRO® surfaces, with a total reflection of 95% and MIRO-SILVER® with 98% total reflection, are ideal reflector materials for LEDs due to their constant reflection values across the visible wavelength spectrum.

The excellent neutral colour reflection of all MIRO® and MIRO-SILVER® surfaces render these ideal for all types of LEDs irrespective of their colour, even white. The classic reflector as an effective optical element for lighting requirements is still indispensable for LED lighting.

MIRO® and MIRO-SILVER® – the ideal reflector surfaces for all LED applications

Advantages of the MIRO®-LED surfaces
- Higher efficiencies through maximum total reflection
- Reduction in the number of LEDs required – up to 40%.
- Reduction in light intensity and glare angles due to optimized light distribution
- Neutral colour rendering
- Positive influence on the LED temperature balance due to heat dissipation via the reflector
- Exclusive look – the reflector is a design element