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André Becker
Mechaless Systems GmbH
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The general target of our research and development activities is to design different kinds of input devices (HMI) and sensors showing new or improved functionalities or performance based on the HALIOS® technology. The whole implementation process of these products includes the development and production of precise optical structures from different plastics in our own mechanical precision workshop.Whether the customer requires our assistance from the specification analysis over modelling, implementation and support until serial production or needs support in only one of these phases, MECHALESS is a reliable, competent and innovative partner for the development of optoelectronic solutions aiming at highest possible

HALIOS® is a multi-sense technology for the detection of any kind of motion.
The outstanding innovation of this optoelectronic principle, which is able to detect the movement of an object
in a 3D space, is its absolute immunity against ambient light. Even direct sunlight will not disturb a HALIOS®
sensor.The sensor system is located behind a solid opaque surface. Therefore such a system is wear free
as well as dust and waterproof.
Furthermore, the HALIOS® system is self-regulating, compensating most factors of influence like ageing
or extreme variations in temperature. Due to their absolute ambient light immunity, HALIOS® systems open up
completely new application areas for optical sensors and input devices.
Despite their extremely small size, these sensors and input devices are able to recognize movements in all
three dimensions. The extremely large range of proximity detection, from a few millimetres up to several
meters, opens the door for new possibilities in motion and gesture detection.
The reliability of the HALIOS® technology is proven in more than 7 Mio. ICs in the market.