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RECOM offers constant current dimmable LED drivers, DC/DC converters, switching regulators, and single, dual, and triple output AC/DC modules as standard catalogue products for quick delivery. Their main markets are industrial controls, lighting, medical, military (COTS) and telecommunications, although their converters are used in virtually every industry requiring low-to-medium DC voltage conversion in the 0.25 to 150 Watts range.

LightLine - we power the lighting Revolution!

Now that filament lamps are being replaced by energy-saving lamps, LED-light sources are the real revolution. Critical is not only development of high powered LED´s but especially the power source, which determines the efficiency and operating life of the entire lighting system.
LED´s are "semi-conductors" and thererfore demand special knowledge on behalf of designers. Asides aesthetic and ergonomic aspects to consider, they must also deal with power supply issues, which determine the lighting output and operating life.
Being a pioneer for constant current LED drivers, RECOM has extended its product range from 3 - 150 Watts with value for money complete solutions - for AC/DC and DC/DC - Buck or Boost - potted or "open frame" - wire and screw terminals, with plugs or SMD versions.
The Drivers of our LightLine-group feature a 5 years warranty.

For additional information about RECOM and its award-winning products, please visit www.recom-lighting.com