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With its almost 60 years’ experience, Almeco is the world leader in supplying high reflective aluminium and finished aluminium reflectors. Almeco is the only Company in the world providing a 360-degree service to support its partners from the idea to mass production through specific finishes, lighting design and engineering.

Vega: is the range of highly reflective PVD aluminium surfaces with 95% and 98% T.R. to give more efficiency to the lighting projects.

reflect+A™: is a concept dedicated to the design, engineering, production of a complete range of modular reflectors for LED lighting market and for the most popular LEDs and holders.

vegaLED: is ALMECO GROUP’s concrete contribution to the improvement of LED fixture performance that allows the possibility of a more controlled light distribution and an increase in reflector efficiency.
It ensures a homogeneous and uniform reflectance of the entire visible spectrum. The upper layers of the surface, in addition to completely protecting the silver deposit that incorporates, as a result of the PVD coating process, confers a slightly warm tone to the grazing light, which is perfect for spaces with a strong architectural features.

Experience, dynamism and passion are the distinctive characteristics making Almeco a constantly growing Company.