Control of your luminaire with your voice doesn’t need to be with Alexa. Benefit from the easy plug & play module from Cezos


Small controller for LED modules, compatible with the Amazon Alexa Voice Control. Our solution uses Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz network to communicate with the HOMEEMITY Cloud, allowing to use all benefits of the Alexa Ecosystem.

Voice-activated smart home systems like Alexa are more and more popular. HOMEEMITY solution is designed for various constant voltage LED modules made by CEZOS. This approach is secure, unique, slim and flexible allowing it to fit every design.


Category: Entertainment, Hospitality, Retail
Location: Regensburg, Deutschland
Technology/Services: LED-Komponenten
Year: 2018

CEZOS SMART series of LED modules have an extra SIM slot for a controller. HOMEEMITY is a new device to join this ecosystem, with a size of less than 40x16 mm. This system allows to use less space in a lamp for the electronic components and requires only two wires (eg. 24 V DC) to power up a SMART LED light source. Additionally, the cost of controllers is reduced compared to a similar standalone solution.

Our solution is availble in four versions:

  • Single Channel (MONO)
  • Dynamic White
  • RGB
  • RGBW

After installation and configuration of the HOMEEMITY device, the user can control a lamp through voice commands with the use of an Amazon Echo device or via Alexa app installed on a mobile device. With this approach, you can control your SMART home lightning easily and comfortable.

HOMEEMITY allows you to control: brightness, colour and state. More advanced options are also available, like creating groups and routines, which enables you to further automate your SMART home - automatically turning your lamps when you arrive home or

creating custom voice commands to set desired light settings of your choice

HOMEEMITY, thanks to our proprietary cloud, allows even to check and control your lights while not at home - only an internet connection is required.

HOMEEMITY ecosystem will be compatible with Google Home in the nearby future. More information will be available on our website at www.homeemity.com

For more information, contact us at cezos@cezos.com

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