Best Innovation Award 2018 for IHS at GroSouth

Intelligent Horticultural Solutions (IHS) wins Award

GroSouth 2018 - IHS has won the Award for Best Innovation 2018 for their Florence grow light product family.

GroSouth 2018 held on 1st November at Roundstone-Newey Nursery in Chichester was an important day for Intelligent Horticultural Solutions (IHS), as it was their official launch into the fast-growing horticultural market and the first showcase of their new Florence product range. The “Ready to Grow” LED lights were the talk of the show this year. So much so, that the GroSouth judges announced the IHS to be the winner of the Award for Best Innovation 2018. Managing Director of Newey Nurseries Chris Hall presented a glass plaque and a bottle of champagne.


Category: Horticulture
Location: Regensburg, Deutschland
Technology/Services: LED-Komponenten
Year: 2018

IGS Group Managing Director Richard Williams accepted the award on behalf of the IHS team. Richard said ‘IHS are absolutely delighted to have won the award at the premier Horticultural Show for the South and East of England’.

The IHS stand was lit up with hues of blue and red light, showing off the eight standard versions of the Florence Grow Light, all of which are designed and manufactured in the UK at the IGS Group facilities. Visitors from various Horticultural backgrounds including nurseries, universities, commercial and urban growers, were very interested in the LED lighting being exhibited.

There are currently eight different standard Florence LED recipes to choose from including “Biomass, Seeding, Flowering, and Fruiting” (available with or without supplementary lighting). There are also three different lens options per recipe – narrow, wide and oval to direct the lighting onto the correct areas. These recipes were devised in conjunction with experts from LED manufacturer Osram Opto Semiconductors, who are the market leader in the supply of quality LEDs for the horticultural lighting sector. These lights enable a longer growing season and also increase the speed of growth for plants, when under the correct recipe. LED lighting is now cost-effective, thus making it viable for both the backyard gardeners and the large commercial growers alike. Ideal markets for these grow lights include polytunnels, environmental chambers, propagators, vertical farms and indoor farms, as well as schools, universities and research institutes.

IHS has a full range of customisable PYO (pick your own) LED lighting products so that growers can develop their own LED recipes specific to their application. IHS also have controllers available to make this easier to do.

If you are interested in any of IHS products or would like to discuss your requirements with IHS, please contact Ann Kelleher or the rest of the Horticultural team on 01635 294606 or email on

IHS is part of the global OSRAM Lighting network LED Light for You (LLFY), and draws on world leading quality LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors and combine them with other quality components, materials and services to provide the LED solution you want.

IHS will be attending Workshop Iberia in Spain, hosted by LLFY on the 26th, 28th, and 30th November. Where LLFY and their partners will provide a vision of the growing market and present the latest developments in LED technologies for the horticultural field.